Hot Wire Extensions explores alternative processes of making and displays new potentials in industrial production by transforming line structures into solid bodies. The innovative manufacturing process reuses the waste nylon powder of SLS 3D printing. The process starts by building a shape from thin wire made from nichrome – an alloy of nickel, chromium and other metals – that fits within the dimensions of a cuboid container. The wire form is placed inside the box, which is filled with a mixture of pure silica sand and leftover nylon powder collected as waste from selective laser sintering (SLS) – a form of 3D printing.  The sand acts on one side as a filler material, by preventing the nylon powder from dripping off the wire, on the other side, it conducts and distributes the heat further away.

A battery connected to the ends of the wire sends an electric current of between 10 and 120 volts through the resistant metal, heating it to temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius. The longer the battery is left connected, the wider the girth of fused material around the wire becomes. The pliable and transient becomes solid, bonding seamlessly to find its own organic and bone-like ideal structure.


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Music by Jebooke

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