‘Hot Wire Extensions’ explores a new and exciting way of making that transforms line structures into solid bodies in a way that we believe possesses the potential for large-scale production.

Many months of focussed work and refinement saw us develop a process that consists of a nichrome wire structure placed within a container filled with a material mixture based around waste nylon powder from SLS 3D printing. By putting an electrical current through the wire, the resistance of the wire causes itself to heat up to approximately 500°C. The heat is distributed around the wire and through the surrounding material mixture which melts and instantly bonds to create  a solid body. The pliable and transient becomes solid, bonding seamlessly to find its own bone-like structure.


Sponsored by 

SLS Nylon Powder - Digets2Widgets (London, UK)

Hi-Temperature resistant textile - Textile Technologies (Cheshire, UK)