Hot Wire Extensions started over as an investigation in the "model of nature" with its forms and structures. The growing nature is based on the organisation of complex principles, outer and inner influences to chemical and physical processes. By adapting one of the properties of this growth, the heat, our project uses this as a resource to grow our own, controlled nature. By combining and merging our growth with existing forms and materials, this process not only re-interprets current ways of additive manufacturing, but displays new aesthetics and potentials in production.   The process exists out of a heat source, the nichrome wire, and a composite of nylon powder and sand. Our nylon powder is a waste product collected from SLS 3D printing companies, where it is used for building several times and then thrown away. The sand act as a filler material as well as a heat conductor by distributing the heat around the wire. The nylon powder melts and bonds during the curing process turns the mixture in to a solid body.      Sponsored by    SLS Nylon Powder -  Digets2Widgets  (London, UK)  Hi-Temperature resistant textile - Textile Technologies (Cheshire, UK)   
OSSO Light Series
12 Stools