The Soft Side of Steel
 Studio ilio have successfully collaborated with various companies in differing industries and gained positive reactions and receptions with the ‘Soft Side of Steel’ project. Sciaky, a leading manufacturer in the automobile industry, have been extremely welcoming, accommodating and supportive in the development and exploration of welding techniques. Together we have created new welding possibilities and they are keen on pushing this further in order to explore their potentials and possible diversification. The Wooly Shepherd, manufacturers of sustainable acoustic panels, are currently testing the material in order to explore its acoustic properties. This shows potential to scale the project up and apply it to the fields of architecture or interior design.      The process of merging the two states of the material is very instant and does not require any secondary materials. Only heat and pressure are required in order to create joins within the objects, which proposes different methods of sustainability, as the recycling process becomes simple and streamlined.